National Puzzle Day at Oaklands

Celebrating National Puzzle Day at Oaklands House Nursing Home!

Our residents enjoyed a variety of therapeutic activities, both solitary and group, to mark this special day. From jigsaw puzzles to word searches, we engaged in activities that brought joy and stimulated the mind.

Puzzles in all forms are vital for engagement and entertainment. They not only enhance cognitive function but also improve mood, concentration, and focus. Completing a jigsaw puzzle gives our residents a wonderful sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Word searches, word scrambles, and maze games keep the mind active, exercising the brain and enhancing thought processes. It’s a delightful way to boost mental agility and have fun!

Coloured pattern blocks and sorting shapes by colour or function provide stress relief and help maintain fine motor skills. These activities contribute to a well-rounded and stimulating experience for our residents.

Kudos to everyone who participated in these fun and enriching activities!

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