NCS Challenge

Acacia Care Centre partnered with students from NCS The Challenge!

The UK’s population is becoming more varied by age, ethnicity and income. Many of us spend little time with people from different walks of life, and this government ran scheme aims at bringing people together, to stop prejudice and to remain connected to our communities.

Challenge is designed to bring together people, to develop their confidence and skills in connecting with others. We encourage people to get to know and trust each other, and build new friendships and networks. Through these experiences, they often discover that their similarities are far greater than their differences. We are helping to create where generations of people who are more connected, and more active in our communities and workplaces.
Residents enjoyed a lovely party held by the students. They enjoyed sharing their life stories as much as the students loved hearing about them. It was wonderful to see inter-generational relationships develop and to see new friendships form, creating moments of joy.

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