Oaklands House: Celebrating Kathleen’s Granddaughter’s Wedding

Anticipation filled the air as ripples of excitement gently meandered through our small gathering. We were all eagerly awaiting resident Kathleen’s granddaughter’s upcoming wedding. Unable to attend in person, we transformed our cinema room into a glorious wedding venue. With stunning church backdrops and beautiful flowers, we set up the video link to enable Kathleen to be part of her granddaughter’s big day.

Kathleen graciously extended invitations to several other residential friends, and they joined in, each donning chic hats. The grandmother of the bride herself adorned a classy scarlet outfit with a jauntily worn fascinator.

Liquid sparkles were handed out to toast the happy couple, and eyes were glued to the screen as the graceful bride glided down the aisle. Our guests were transfixed as the service played out.

As the groom kissed the bride, cheers from our residents merged with those at the ceremony. Glasses were raised, and good wishes filled the air.

Kathleen had a fabulous afternoon, and we were honoured to be part of it. All present were delighted to have witnessed this joyful union.

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