Oaklands’ Toby Carvery Outing

A memorable Outing to The Toby Carvery Home of the Roast!

Residents Betty and Irene at Oaklands House joined the Lifestyles Team Erica and Wendy for a splendid lunch using our 2nd place winning voucher from The Future Care Groups wreath competition.

We wanted to share our prize with two of our dearest residents for their involvement in helping us achieve this with their enthusiastic contribution.

Irene and Betty had a delightful time indulging in the beautifully displayed carvery. Their offerings were a treat for the senses.

After our delicious meal, we decided to explore and were captivated by the landscape, stunning lake view, and sitting in the garden enjoying some afternoon sunshine.

Outings at Oaklands House offer immense benefits, promoting social interaction, uplifting moods, and providing a change of scenery that enriches our residents’ lives. Everyone had a fantastic time and eagerly looks forward to more memorable outings.

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