October Gardening

Taking advantage of the warm Autumn sunshine, residents Christine and David from Oaklands House Care Centre took the opportunity for a spot of gardening.

With the vegetable growing season coming to an end, thoughts turned to planting bulbs in anticipation of a wonderful array of spring hyacinths. Our new wheelchair-friendly planters, kindly put together by the maintenance team, provided the perfect working environment for Christine and David.

Christine removed the weeds and turned the soil while knowledgeable David, who is resolute in his belief that “you can’t garden with gloves on!”, tested the soil to ensure it was suitably moist. Once the soil had been adequately prepared, hollows were made, and bulbs were placed.

Once satisfied with the desired results, they took a stroll around the tranquil willow garden, admiring the delightful flowers still in bloom and stimulating the senses with the aroma of scented herbs.

An enjoyable and uplifting afternoon was spent!

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