Pet Therapy Joy at Oaklands

Last Friday afternoon was truly uplifting with the visit of therapy dog Maisie!

As Maisie wagged her tail with excitement, our residents were delighted to shower her with treats and affection. Maisie, with her gentle demeanour, brought a sense of warmth and love to Oaklands House Care Centre.

Residents gathered around Maisie and her owner Caroline, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and sharing stories of their own furry companions from years past. Maisie’s soft coat was a source of comfort as residents stroked her, evoking fond memories and nostalgic smiles.

The joy that Maisie’s presence brought cannot be overstated. Her visit created a sense of connection and happiness that resonated throughout our community. As Maisie bid us farewell, anticipation for her next visit filled the air, promising more moments of pure joy and companionship.

A heartfelt thank you to Caroline and Maisie for brightening our residents’ day and reminding us of the power of unconditional love!

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