Priory Court Takes Flight With Balloon Adventure

At Priory Court Care Home, our residents always have innovative ideas to keep life exciting and engaging. This time, they floated a charming concept – a helium balloon release.

On a bright day filled with anticipation, we released a total of 83 helium balloons, each with a label containing the sender’s name and a message. The goal? To see whose balloon would embark on the most extraordinary journey, reaching the farthest destination! We managed to capture the balloon release in all it’s glory with a video posted on our Instagram and Facebook.

The response has been heartwarming, with four individuals already getting in touch to let us know where they found our balloons. It’s fantastic to witness the enthusiasm and curiosity this simple activity has sparked.

Our residents are brimming with excitement as they eagerly await updates on the furthest-travelled balloon. Stay tuned for more stories and adventures from Priory Court Care Home, where creativity knows no bounds!

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