Read a Book Day: Dive into a Story

At Oaklands House Care Centre, we embrace the diverse world of reading – from poems and short stories to jokes and memory lane books. We understand that reading, whether on your own or being read to, carries incredible benefits for our residents. It’s a journey that reduces stress, uplifts mental well-being, and contributes to overall health and happiness.

Recently, we had a delightful day with resident Irene leading the way, pushing a trolley loaded with an array of books for our residents to choose from. Short stories, poems, and jokes filled the air, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and laughter. For those seeking a nostalgic journey, our beautifully illustrated memory lane books spanning the 40s to the 60s provided a captivating trip down memory lane.

On this warm day, this relaxing and enjoyable afternoon was a welcome respite for all. We’re dedicated to promoting well-being through the simple joy of reading, creating moments of connection, and fostering a love for stories that enrich our residents’ lives.

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