Remembering VE Day with Chris Ellis

As we marked the 79th anniversary of VE Day on 8th March 2024, we had the privilege of hearing the incredible memories of our dear resident.

Chris Ellis, a resident of Southborough Nursing Home, part of The Future Care Group has a long association with our Home. His wife was a resident years ago and later he would volunteer and use his time to befriend our residents and run errands for them. He is an integral part of our community.

Chris is a proud Navy veteran and his recollections of VE Day 1945, transported us back to that momentous day when victory was finally declared in Europe.

He vividly remembers the celebration and jubilation that filled the streets. Overnight there were more cars than usual on the streets with the end of petrol rationing. Chris definitely enjoyed the day off the next day as a school boy!

Chris holds the memories close and it meant a lot to him to share it with his family. On a heartwarming trip to Brighton with his son, a few years ago, he could point to the exact spot where he stood on that historic day.

Chris’ stories remind us of the sacrifices made and the resilience shown by those who came before us. Let’s honour their memory and value the peace they fought so hard to achieve.

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