Roald Dahl Story Day

Residents at Oaklands enjoyed joining in with the International Roald Dahl Story Day. They were interested to learn that not only was Roald Dahl a great story teller he was also a spy, an ace fighter pilot, a chocolate historian and a medical inventor. Many of our residents remembered reading Roald Dahl’s books, either for their own pleasure or to their children. They also remembered that one of his books in particular, Charlie and the Chocolate factory was made into a very entertaining film. This story came about from memories of Roald Dahl’s own childhood when Pupils at Repton Boarding school, which he attended, were invited to trial chocolate bars, a memory that stayed with Dahl throughout his life. Residents enjoyed listening to snippets from some of his books and some of his funny poems. Residents also had fun colouring pictures of the famous man and some of his characters and doing Roald Dahl related word searches and crosswords.


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