Sculptures, Serenity, and Seaside Memories at Steep House

This weekend has been another busy one at Steep House. Saturday was International Sculpture Day, so we looked at some photos of famous sculptures and tried to name some we knew. Our resident artist and sculptor, Geraldine, was full of facts for us, and of course, information just flowed, which she loved sharing.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a namaste session, listening to calming music set to a background of sea life and marine creatures. Colin, Gillian, and Bill enjoyed a hand massage, soothing lights, and aromas, along with a cup of tea with a biscuit followed by some chocolates. For others, it was afternoon snooze time!

Sunday, the trolley was loaded up with games and taken round the rooms, giving the residents a choice of activities. Fun and laughter were had with the animal dominoes and the compulsory sound effects. Barbara enjoyed completing the seaside puzzle with memories of ice creams at the beach.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed cups of tea with Scottish shortbread biscuits and chats. We looked at memory photos and remembered days gone by with the milkman, baths in old tin baths by the fire, sugar mice, etc. We also played with the sensory toys which the staff absolutely loved and had to be persuaded to give up at the end of the afternoon.

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