Simple Science Experiment

Two elderly women

Oaklands Care Centre residents enjoyed getting involved in our latest simple science experiment, fishing for ice with string. The items needed were ice, half a cup of water, salt, and string.  We also used food colouring to make the experiment a bit more colourful and personal.

Each resident chose a colour and added it to the water. The ice cubes were then placed in the water, and the string laid across the top of the wet ice cube. Salt was then shaken on top of the string. Residents left this to react for around a minute or so before testing to see if the string had adhered to the ice and lifting the cubes out of the water.

We were unsure whether this was going to work as there were a few varying factors. However, we are pleased to say that with a few adjustments here and there, everyone was successful. Our dear resident Irene said, “it’s more like magic than an experiment”. It was a stimulating and fun afternoon for everyone involved!

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