Six Decades of Love: Neville’s Story

Hamilton Nursing Homes heartwarming tale of Neville and Pam, a love story unfolds that span six decades, marked by shared joys, adventures, and a deep connection that weathered the tests of time. In his own words, hear Neville speak about his lovely relationship, celebrating the enduring power of love.

“My name is Neville. I met Pam in Langley Rd at the youth club in Surbiton. Pam, being Welsh, was my only girlfriend. We spent a few years together before tying the knot in March 1962, celebrating 60 years of marriage.

It marked the first anniversary of her passing on 12-02-2024. We were blessed with two lovely daughters, Su and Cristine.

I was still in school when we first crossed paths, meeting Pam at the age of 19.

Pam worked as a hairdresser in a salon, dedicating one day a week to this care home. While I served in the Milbank military building, she supported me with love. I cherish my very first Valentine’s card from Pam.

Our initial home was a bedsit in Surbiton. Pam introduced me to Wales, and its breathtaking scenery captured our hearts. We even visited France to see our daughter Sue, who was studying at a university there.

Pam underwent a hip operation and passed away at home, having been in the hospital the day before. She was my world, meaning everything to me.”

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