Solly the guinea pig

On Tuesday, the 26th of July, Pets at Home visited Solent Grange residents bringing the cutest guinea pig and a hamster.

All the residents kept asking if they could keep the guineapig and how lovely it would be to have a pet they could see every day.

Solly, the guinea pig, had come to Pets at Home a few weeks ago after being neglected. His hair was so long, overgrown and matted that they couldn’t tell which end was his face! After having a good bath and a haircut, Solly was so happy! However, he had to be rehomed on his own because he had never lived with another guineapig. He has now been in the adoption process for a couple of weeks.

The staff from Pets at Home said they couldn’t believe how well he took to everyone handling him and how much joy he brought to our residents. They also commented that Solent Grange Nursing Home would be the perfect home for Solly as it seemed that he fitted right in and enjoyed all the love he was receiving from our residents.

Seeing how much happiness Solly, the guinea pig, brought to our residents, we decided to adopt him. The Lifestyle Lead, together with the Home Manager got a lovely little hutch for Solly and everything he would need to live comfortably with us at the home.

The residents are absolutely over the moon with him and love seeing him daily, just as they wanted. 

Solly brings great joy to the residents and creates a calming atmosphere at the home. Home Manager at Solent Grange, part of the Future Care Group commented: “It’s heart-warming to see the residents so happy, all of us here are committed to making a difference in the life of those we engage with by inspiring moments of joy based on the needs and choices of each individual. Adopting Solly is a great example of our commitment”.

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