Special birthday surprise

On the 10th of November, we had an extraordinary birthday surprise for one of our lovely residents Victor at Belmont Castle Care Home and his wife. Our caring staff helped keep their tradition of 64 years, always sharing each other’s birthday breakfast together.
Victor has been a resident at Belmont Castle for over 4.5 months now and has been married to his lovely wife, Christine for 64 years. Whilst speaking to Christine during one of her recent visits, she mentioned wanting to spend the morning with Victor in his room, as birthday celebrations together means a lot to them.
Unknown to Victor and Christine, the staff had planned a very special 80th Birthday breakfast surprise for them both and that Victor would be waiting for her when she arrived. Our caring staff commented: “Inspiring moments of joy is the best part of our job. Enabling our residents to continue sharing special moments with their families and loved ones is extremely rewarding”.
It was a lovely morning, and Victor and Christine continued their tradition.
Thank you to all the staff involved and Gerry, our chef, for making a beautiful birthday cake.


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