St. Valentine’s Day at Kings Lodge: Spreading Love!

February 14th marks a day of love and romance, and at Kings Lodge, we embraced the spirit with open hearts. Across the UK and worldwide, cards and gifts exchanged on this day echo love’s universal language.

While traditionally associated with romantic love, Valentine’s Day holds diverse meanings. It’s a celebration of love in all its forms, a sentiment we wholeheartedly embraced at Kings Lodge.

In the lead-up to St. Valentine’s Day, our residents enthusiastically participated in a variety of heartwarming activities. From crafting love hearts to decorating their doors and lounges, making flower arrangements for tables, to hanging lovely love wishes on our special love tree – every moment was filled with joy.

The guessing game added an extra layer of excitement. Residents, families, and staff tried to figure out the number of heart-shaped sweets in the jar. The winner, those who guessed right or came close, received a sweet surprise gift, spreading even more joy.

Our primary aim this Valentine’s Day was clear: SPREAD THE LOVE TO OTHERS. And, we can proudly say we achieved it successfully. Residents and staff joined forces, rolled up their sleeves, and baked cupcakes and cookies filled and decorated with love. These delightful treats were later generously donated to the Stone Pillow homeless shelter.

In sharing a bit of our LOVE with those less fortunate, we not only brought smiles but also left a warm feeling in our hearts. The air at Kings Lodge was undeniably filled with LOVE this Valentine’s Day.

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