Steep House Residents Embrace Weather Surprises

What a week it’s been at Steep House Nursing Home! Our residents have experienced a whirlwind of weather – from snuggling in blankets to hastily putting up umbrellas for shade, and even making a dash for cover during a sudden downpour!

But you know what? Our residents absolutely adore spending time in our beautiful garden, and they’re determined to make the most of these unpredictable weather moments before the autumn chill sets in.

It’s been a week of laughter, spontaneous dances in the rain, and cosy moments under the sun. Our garden has been a place of joy, where residents can soak in the changing seasons and relish the great outdoors.

As we transition into autumn, we’re grateful for the simple pleasures our garden brings – from the warmth of the sun on their faces to the cool drizzle that adds a sprinkle of fun to their days.

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