Sweet Nostalgia of Blackberry Picking and Baking Delights

Our residents at Steep House Nursing Home ventured into a sweet journey down memory lane, recreating the magic of blackberry picking in their youth. With deft hands and hearts full of stories, our men prepared delightful blackberry and custard puffs, a tribute to those cherished family outings.

They accompanied their culinary masterpiece with a heartfelt reading of ‘Blackberry Picking’ by Angela Wybrow, a poem that echoed the sentiment of their own experiences. The verses painted vivid pictures of childhood adventures, plump berries, and moments shared with loved ones.

As the aroma of freshly baked treats filled the air, residents shared their own anecdotes of berry-picking escapades with family and friends. These stories wove a tapestry of warmth and connection, reinforcing the importance of preserving cherished memories.

These delightful blackberry and custard puffs not only satisfied the taste buds but also served as a testament to the bonds created through shared experiences.

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