The Magic Table arrived to Oaklands!

Hurray, it’s here at last!! The residents of Oaklands House are now enjoying our new Magic Table.  It is bringing much pleasure to everyone who plays it. The table has even worked it’s magic on some of our residents who find it very difficult to engage in other activities. 

The table has many different entertainments and the residents have their favourites. The most popular at the moment being paint splat, where floating paint balls are hit with a soft batten to make them explode. The coral reef is also very popular with the fish swimming about and the water rippling when you touch it. 

As we have a mobile version we can even visit residents in their rooms.  It works just as well on the beds as it does on the table and floor.

We are sure the magic table will continue to amuse our residents for a very long time to come. We are planning on having an open day to thank all the relatives and friends for raising funds towards the purchase of the table, so they may see how their donations have been put to use, date to be confirmed.


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