The Wedding Celebration of Nicola and Alex

There are some days that make you feel so grateful for everything! Happy to share we had one of those days at Southborough as we got to make our dear resident Stanley, who is proudly a hundred years young to be part of his darling granddaughter’s wedding celebration!
He wrote “All my love, Grandad” on the card for Nicky and Alex, the newlyweds. He was emotional as he saw the most beautiful bride ever! We all wish Alex and Nicky a happy married life, and residents were thrilled to see the happy couple and shower their blessings!
It was a memorable day indeed and Southborough staff received beautiful feedback from the family. We would like to share it with everyone:

“To all the wonderful members of the Team at Southborough Nursing Home:

We would like to give a huge and heartfelt congratulations to you all for making Mondays celebrations possible.

The setting in the lounge was amazing and we can’t thank you enough for all the planning, thought and love that went into the whole occasion.

Nicola and Alex so wanted to celebrate their wedding with their grandad, family and friends and you made it all possible. It was absolutely perfect and it was so nice that you and the residents were able to join in with the celebrations too.

Dad’s (Stanley’s) reaction to seeing Nicola in her dress was wonderful to see and he rose to the occasion. He was ‘dancing’ and singing and enjoyed every minute. It was lovely to see him so happy.

We just can’t thank you enough for everything you do.”

With love
Mike, Sue and family.

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