Titanic Museum trip

This week we had another trip to Southampton’s wonderful Titanic Museum taking four more of our residents from Oakland’s House. 

When we arrived it was time for    a drink and a snack.  All of our residents chose to have a scone with jam and a drink, we talked about our morning ahead.  Once we had all enjoyed these snacks we took the lift up to the main body of the museum.

A majority of the staff on the Titanic were recruited from the Southampton area.  In part of the museum there is a large map on the floor, showing the streets of Southampton from where they came.  One of our residents was pleased to find the street where she was born and another street she had grown up on. 

All of the residents enjoyed looking around the museum, asking questions about what they were seeing and sharing memories of their lives.  Whilst the museum shows the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic, it has several interactive games and our residents had great fun using these and joining in.  There is also an area that shows a film of the trial of the Captain and crew who were in charge, which our residents found interesting.  Everyone had a lovely morning and agreed it was an exciting place to visit.

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