Trip to Kingston Town

On a cold and frosty morning, Priory Court Care Home residents and staff embarked on a journey to Kingston Town to witness the changes that have unfolded. Residents marvelled at the growth of the Bentalls Centre and were captivated by the stunning architecture and roof. The stained-glass window was a true spectacle for all to behold.

As we strolled through the shops, our residents stumbled upon some enchanting sparkling dresses that caught their fancy. A delightful pause ensued with a warm drink and cake, as we sat and observed the hustle and bustle of shoppers.

En route to the bus, we couldn’t resist a detour to a jewellery store. The residents were astonished by the price tags—especially a £5690 bracelet! Wide-eyed reactions all around led to a unanimous decision to forgo any extravagant purchases today!

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