Trip to Marble Hill House

Made most of a rainy day by going on a delightful journey with our lovely Southborough residents to the enchanting Marble Hill House at Twickenham!

The elegant villa, a gem from the 1720s, unfolded its rich history as we strolled through its halls. The dining room stole the show with its mesmerising hand-painted wallpaper! It gave us goosebumps to think of the historical figures who would have possibly dined there!

A heartfelt shout out to Bridget and Sondra, our wonderful guides whose warmth and friendliness made the tour truly memorable. Barbara couldn’t help but marvel at the mahogany stair handrails, and Dave found himself swept away by emotions, revisiting Twickenham, where he often sang in the choir during his youth. Chris, a true book enthusiast, delighted in a pit stop at the gift shop, adding a touch of modern discovery to our historic adventure.

We felt transported to the past, and we’re grateful for this shared experience in the company of residents, staff and family members.

Thank you English heritage for this gem of a place in our community.

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