Visit from Alpaca Adventures

Oaklands House Care Centre residents and staff very much enjoyed and appreciated a visit from Alpaca Adventures. The two alpacas visiting were cousins Caramac and Sandy, they visited residents in both lounges and bedrooms, even going up in the lift!

Some of our residents had not seen alpacas before and had numerous questions. We learnt that alpacas come from Bolivia, Chile and Peru, that they are part of the camel family, their lifespan is about 20 years, and they are most comfortable living in groups of 3 or more.

Caramac and Sandy are two years old and very gentle creatures. They were in full fleece and due to be sheared in a week’s time, this is to prevent them overheating in summer, then their fleeces will be sold to make garments. Residents enjoyed talking to and stroking them and likened the feeling to that of a teddy bear.

A new, intriguing, and uplifting experience and one we hope to repeat in the future!

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