Visit from the students of Dunannie

Steep House Nursing Home residents were visited by the lovely young students from Dunannie. They brought daffodils for the residents and brought along their reading books to read to them. The residents love seeing the young children, a lot of conversations where had between the young children and our residents, it was beautiful to see.

The more time young and old people spend together, the more both party’s benefit. Children have warm and infectious energy, which can help to bring so much joy to the elderly. In fact, research shows that connecting youths with seniors can help boost confidence, increase communication, and improve memory. Children also benefit from intergenerational relationships. Some may not have grandparents of their own; however, spending time with the elderly amongst the community offers many advantages.

Seniors can share their wisdom and help children to develop many of their academic skills. Furthermore, seniors are often very patient and make great listeners. They can give a child their full attention, which any parent or teacher knows isn’t always easy to do!

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