Visit to Fulham Palace

February came to a close with our Leap Day visit to Fulham Palace, leaving our residents spellbound as they immersed themselves in its rich history and beauty. Thank you, Tim Marshall and his team, from all of us at Southborough Nursing Home for being so wonderfully welcoming

The trip offered a chance to explore the palace’s magnificent architecture, dating back centuries. From the grandeur of the Tudor Great Hall to the serene beauty of the Bishop’s private chapel, each room revealed a glimpse into the palace’s illustrious past.

Accompanied by loved ones, our residents enjoyed every moment, especially Margaret, who joined us for the first time, encouraged by her dear friend Diane. It was a heartwarming experience, filled with quality time and cherished memories.

Residents, Jenny and Dave’s smiles were infectious as they shared this special nostalgic outing, while Barbara, with her keen eye, noticed every change since her last visit half a century ago. Lily had a special time with her niece Carol.

Resident Chris, embarking on his maiden voyage to Fulham Palace, was overjoyed, especially with Tim’s expert guidance in selecting the perfect books to take home. Teresa, a dedicated volunteer, was an absolute delight, sharing all her expert knowledge gracefully!

We returned with a promise to revisit in the summer months Thank you to Fulham Palace, for preserving this hidden gem. Our trip was smooth and convenient. Thank you to the amazing team for coordinating this trip and to the helpful drivers.

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