Visitors Gate reuniting residents with their loved ones

A small act can make a big difference. When times are tough, normally our loved ones are there! The one biggest struggle during lock-down has been missing our family and friends. Sherrie Hume, Manager of Stowford House Care Centre looked at ways to reunite residents with their loved ones whilst respecting social distancing guidelines. Sherrie said “as a care home manager, you are constantly mindful of not just your residents’ physical needs but their emotional needs too. Quality of life means we must take into consideration all aspects of a person’s well-being. I made the decision to adapt the side gate of our home, as I saw it as a solution to enabling our residents and their loved ones to reconnect whilst ensuring they maintain social distancing. It has given a much-needed boost to many of the residents and their families and I am a firm believer that happiness is linked to good health.” Staff at the home shared they had seen a significant difference in the mood of the residents since the visitors’ gate had been installed. It seems up and down the country people are looking at creative ways to stay connected and remain safe, which can only be a good thing.

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