Winner of sunflower competition

Not only do Sunflowers create a wonderful splash of colour in any garden they also have beautiful flowers that give you free edible seeds, so at The Future Care Group the activity coordinators throughout their 19 homes were given the challenge to see which home could grow the tallest sunflower.
The competition started in Spring which meant that anyone living in the home regardless of their capability had the opportunity to join in.
Initially residents started off by sowing seeds in pots indoors in early spring and placed them around the windowsills. When the risk of frost had passed, they transferred them to the outside and continued to nurture them and watched them grow in their gardens.
Month by month these little seedlings flourished and grew into enormous sunflowers. The competition was fierce but on judging day the winning home was The Boynes in Upton-upon-Severn, who grew their sunflower to the magnificent height of 4 meters. The home was presented with a winner’s certificate and £100 to spend on a gift for the home which would benefit the residents, who knows they may purchase a £100 of sunflower seeds for next year! ????????????????


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