Women’s Day

Oaklands House Care Centre residents enjoyed getting involved with both International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. On International Women’s Day Residents took part in a game of jeopardy, based solely around women, with questions from 5 different categories, women in sport, female cartoon characters & authors, female film-stars & actresses, women in history, and who am I. The aim of the game is to gain the most points. All who played thoroughly enjoyed the games.

The female theme carried on as we celebrate Women’s History Month. We played ‘How well do you know your women’s history?’, a multiple-choice quiz, listening to questions and opting for answers A, B, C, or D. The interesting questions covered a wide range, and from the answers, we learnt, amongst other things, that the very first university was founded by a woman, Fatima al-Fihri, in Morocco in 895!!! And that Marie Curie was the first woman to get a Nobel Prize in 1903 for physics and her work in radiotherapy.

Our residents also read some interesting facts about Edith Piaf, also known as The Little Sparrow, the world-famous French Singer who helped to save thousands of Jewish people during WWII. All these activities generated many discussions, reminiscence, humorous banter, and good old-fashioned fun!

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