Working with technology to enhance Resident Pain Management using best practice tools

A female nurse in a blue uniform

At the Future Care Group, our primary objective is to foster an environment where residents can flourish and find purpose. We go beyond conventional care models and consistently explore innovative approaches to improve the quality of life for those in our care.

To ensure optimal pain management for all residents, we have embraced advanced technology and integrated applications such as Nourish and Paincheck. Our Nourish handset camera, in conjunction with the Paincheck application, utilizes AI-driven facial recognition to analyse facial expressions, automatically detecting and documenting facial muscle movements associated with pain.

Paincheck empowers our nurses to gather, store, and record data, enabling evidence-based assessments for implementing pain management interventions and monitoring their effectiveness over time.

We extend our gratitude to Thomas Morton from Paincheck for assisting our team in integrating this new technology at The Boynes Care Centre. This technology will continue to support and enhance the well-being, quality of care, and overall quality of life for our residents.

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