Year of the Tiger 2022

Staff and residents at Belmont Castle Care Home welcomed in the Year of the Tiger with a day of celebrations and activities.

The residents enjoyed creative activities such as making jam jars with lanterns covered in red tissue paper and decorated with picture of a tiger beads as well as glittery stickers. Jars looked beautiful with battery operated candles placed in them.

A couple of residents made the lucky Chinese lantern tree. We collected branches from the garden, painted them in red, taped together and placed into a pot together with Chinese lanterns and decorations.

Posters were made by residents cutting out pictures of Chinese events such as Chinese lion dance, lanterns and Chinese costumes then gluing them onto coloured paper to place around the home.

Chinese lunch was prepared by our chef Gerry who served vegetable chow mein, sweet and sour chicken and beef curry followed by Chinese custard tart and pears cooked in wine and spice.

One of our lady residents had never tried Chinese food before and was very impressed with the sweet and sour chicken and made a comment that she differently would like to try more Chinese dishes.

We also listened to Chinese music, watched a lion dance on the TV and learnt about the Chinese New Year customs. Residents were excited to find out what Chinese Zodiac star they came under the year of their birth.

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