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Isabel Nyirenda

Home Manager

My Name is Isabel Nyirenda. I am the home manager at Cedar View Care Centre. I have been working in healthcare, both the NHS and the Private Sector for many years. I qualified as a Registered General nurse in 1993. I have acquired a lot of experience in various fields of Nursing and my philosophy has remained very simple – “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” I have a team that embraces a holistic approach to deliver a person-cantered care. Although pictures in the brochure can speak a thousand words; but a visit to the Home where you can see for yourself and have a feel of the place and also have the opportunity to chat with any members of the team, residents or visiting relatives is always recommended.

Erik Cortez

Deputy Manager

I am a First Level Registered Nurse (General Adult) and have been working for 20 years across different organisations in UK. All of which is in a nursing home. I have been a Home Manager as well as Deputy Manager. I have worked in the Adults’ Social and Health Care Department for 5 years. I love working with the residents and their families, and making sure that I support the residents to meet their needs.

My hobbies include reading novels, Netflix, gardening, landscape photography, cooking, baking and cake decorating.

Linda Harrison

Administration Manager

I enjoy my role at Cedar View because one day is never the same and I am involved with everything that goes on!

Having worked here since 2016 when Cedar first opened, I have seen many changes and have enjoyed experiencing it’s growth in terms of residents and staff alike.

We have a great team that I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Claire Jones

Lifestyles Lead
I chose to be a team member here because Cedar View is a fantastic home with great staff and facilities for residents and their families. I love building strong relationships with our residents, their families and my team. I feel great pride in my role as I know it makes a difference in people’s lives. The best part of my role is creating moments of joy for our residents and helping them to overcome obstacles to fulfil their aims and wishes. My role is important because the well-being of our residents is at the core of everything we do.
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