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Sajila Mano

Home Manager

Hi, I am Sajila Mano, Manager at Kings Lodge. I have been working at Kings Since 2013, started my career as a qualified nurse, promoted to head of care, deputy manager and recently promoted to a Home Manager. We have a wonderful team who are dedicated to achieving the common goal of ensuring our residents are well cared for. I also am responsible for the training of our staff to ensure their knowledge and skill set is maintained so our residents receive the highest quality of care. I have maintained a very good professional relationship with multidisciplinary team including GP’s and community matrons which helps me to effectively run the home. I enjoy working at Kings and feel so proud to be part of the Future Care Group.

Justin George

Deputy Manager

I am Justin George, a Deputy Manager at Kings Lodge Nursing Home. I have been part of the Future Care Group family for over 8 years.
I am proud to be a part of Kings Lodge Nursing Home and work with an excellent team of staff to support and ensure the happiness of our residents.
My job is to lead and manage the care team, helping them to deliver high standards of care across the home. I also have an important role in supporting the Home Manager by undertaking care assessments of people needing care and support, as well as working closely with healthcare professionals.
In my spare time, I enjoy being with family and going on trips to explore new places. I also love gardening and enjoy looking after plants.

Donna May

Administration Manager

I have worked at Kings Lodge in a variety of different roles and enjoy working and chatting with the elderly.

The best part of my role is interacting with all the staff, residents and relatives.

My role is important because I ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done and up to date and help deal with all the enquiries and queries from staff and relatives.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with the kids, watching movies and camping.

Diana Pranskuniene

Lifestyle Lead

My name is Diana Pranskuniene, and I am the Lifestyles Lead at Kings Lodge. Although I am new to this company, I have over 5 years of experience working in the care industry, having served in various roles. I have a passion for all forms of arts and crafts, and I am dedicated to providing residents with activities that bring them joy, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. There is nothing more heartwarming to me than witnessing relaxed, smiling, and happy residents.

During my free time, I enjoy going for walks, spending quality time with my family, reading, and, of course, indulging in crafts

Jessica Joseph Boulogne

Head Chef

I have been working at Kings Lodge for over 5 years. My responsibility includes planning menus, overseeing meal presentation and cook to the dietary requirements of the residents. I enjoy cooking and ensuring that the residents are happy.

Theresa Laker

Head of Housekeeping

I have currently been at Kings for 10 years. I stated as a House Keeper and I got promoted in June 2013.

We have a nice home and I like working here.

The best part of my role is making sure the home is kept clean. Kings is a large home so it can be a challenge at times!

My role is important because I oversee the smooth running of the housekeeping and laundry departments. I also make sure our residents live in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my granddaughter, go on holidays abroad with my partner and just chill at home.

Julian Manning

Maintenance Manager

I am the new maintenance manager at Kings Lodge Nursing Home, bringing over three years of experience in this position.

My passion lies in maintaining the home’s appearance to the highest standard and creating a comfortable environment that residents can truly call home. I take pleasure in daily interactions with residents, addressing their needs, and ensuring their safety by promptly fixing and repairing items.

Outside of work, I indulge in running, camping holidays, and spending quality time in my garden with my pets.

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