Musical Bliss: Family and Friends Sing-Along

A great afternoon for our Family and Friends Sing-Along. The lounge was buzzing with residents, staff and family members singing along to well-known songs, shaking maracas
and having the best time.

The room was deafening with the sound of loud singing voices and musical instruments, along with the clapping and cheering after every song.

Music brings moments of joy and enhances quality of life for our dear residents. Listening or singing opens the mind to old, loved memories. Being able to tap into these emotions is a great way to help build and maintain memory. Imagine the emotions and memories provoked when listening to music, or a particular song.

At Oaklands we believe the power of music unites everyone together, even for those that have difficulties in communicating, seeing residents sing or tap along to the tunes is so heartwarming

We are all looking forward to repeating these joyous moments again very soon, and in hope that more family and friends can join us for our next sing-along.

If you have any songs, you would like us to use for our next sing-along please let one of the Lifestyles team know.

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