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Historic and current facts about our Southborough Nursing Home

Our detached, Victorian Surbiton Nursing Home in Surbiton offers a beautiful setting full of character and grandeur befitting to the period in which it was built. Located in historic Surbiton, our Southborough Nursing Home enjoys rich links as far back to the Saxon period.  Most major redevelopment of the town happened during the Industrial Revolution when the towns railway arrived, and its first station was built, opening important and life-changing transport links for the area. Today, our Southborough home boasts a spectrum of outstanding 24-hour care to its residents.  Here are some historical and current facts about our Southborough Nursing Home that you may not know…


  1. Offers a spectrum of care in beautiful surroundings. Southborough Nursing Home is an attractive Victorian, character property that retains many of the original features associated with properties within the Victorian era. It has 45 rooms and boasts dedicated facilities for residential care, dementia care, nursing care, palliative care, and respite care.


  1. Boasts top-notch facilities. These include beautifully decorated bedrooms equipped with ensuite facilities, bright dining areas, a library, a hairdressing salon, manicured gardens, and spacious communal lounges that are held together by stunning Victorian architecture.


  1. Enjoys a jam-packed activity programme. Residents regularly enjoy outings to nearby hotspots, exercise classes, crafting, social events, and much more. There’s never a dull moment. Recent activities enjoyed by residents have included: ball games in the lounge, an Abba sing-a-long, a day out in Bushy Park, and a visit from a local theatre company. But don’t just take our word for it, follow our Facebook page to stay on top of all the fun!


  1. Family and friends remain a crucial part of a resident’s day-to-day life. Staff will go out of their way to ensure a resident connects with family and friends as much as possible. We use a fantastic app called Myo which serves as an interface between relatives and residents. It works in a similar way to WhatsApp where we can post pictures of our residents into a private group with their loved ones and vice versa. It enables relatives and residents to feel connected with each other and share each other’s lives even when they are not physically together. Our Southborough Nursing Home also has facilities available for family or friends to stay overnight – including pets. Residents can usually bring their pet, as well as their own furniture and comforts.


  1. Our qualified on-site nurse help to take care of any special or complex care requirements needed by residents. We adapt to provide the level of support our residents need, including round-the-clock nursing care if required.


  1. We are located in Surbiton, which has a rich and diverse history that dates to the Saxon period. Our town’s name goes back many centuries but became the name we know today – Surbiton – in 1592. It started its major development during the Industrial Revolution, greatly increased with the railway’s arrival to the town. The first station was built in 1838.


    Today, the station possesses a magnificent Art Deco façade, a popular architectural introduction in the late 1920s and 1930s when much of the expanding underground railway had stations built in the same fashionable style. During the 20th century, Surbiton became a popular commuter town, with many residents travelling to central London for work. Today, we love that Southborough Nursing home is well situated and benefits from excellent transport links – we can take residents from further afield and friends and relatives can visit us easily.


  1. Resides within a conservation area. Our Southborough Nursing Home is in a quiet location right in the heart of the prestigious Southborough conservation area. It boasts beautiful gardens which residents benefit from (and love) spending time in.


  1. We have dedicated Dementia Champions who lead our dementia approach. They ensure that we support dementia patients fully and in a manner that meets all their unique requirements. Read all about what dementia care at the Future Care Group involves from our Head of Quality and Compliance and Senior Risk Manager herself.


  1. We embrace digital health with the implementation of four impressive apps/systems. Nourish is our top-of-the-range care planning system which enables care staff to instant, electronic access to a resident’s care records on their own handheld device. Myo as we mentioned earlier, is an interactive app that enables residents to connect with friends and family. Radar is our quality assurance system that enables us to monitor our residents’ day-to-day experiences such as accidents, activities, and events attended. Lastly, our PainCheck® app allows us to monitor slight pain levels. This is particularly useful for residents living with dementia who may not be able to tell us if they are in pain. This app allows staff to scan a resident’s face with their handset and the app will tune into the micro changes happening in their face which will tell them if they are experiencing pain or discomfort. It is a genius piece of AI.


    It’s important to state that while we are pioneers in developing some of the most advanced technologies within our industry to complement our approach to care, a personalised, tailored approach to each one of our residents will always take precedence at Southborough Nursing home and the wider Future Care Group consortium.


  1. 4 of our staff have received long service awards. With so many long-standing members of staff, it goes to show that our nursing home is a great place to live and work. Our residents build great relationships with staff which helps to establish mutual trust. This is particularly important for residents with dementia where consistency and routine are comforting. To date, four of our staff have received long service awards for their commitment to their work at Southborough.


We always give visitors to our home a warm welcome, so if you live near us and are looking for a nursing home for yourself or a loved one, we’d love to meet you and show you how we can enrich your life during your time with us. 



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