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Moments of joy at The Boynes Care Centre

Socialising is an important part of living a meaningful life. By taking part in our team’s activities programme, residents can continue to experience those all-important moments of joy. The community at The Boynes Care Centre thrives on these moments, helping to demonstrate the value of high-quality residential care and the difference it can make to residents’ lives. To learn more about our approach, call 01684 594 001 or email to speak to a member of our team.

News and events

Discover what life is like at The Boynes Care Centre by taking a look at some of the moments of joy that have taken place within our community.

The Love of Animals

Our animal-loving residents at The Boynes Care Centre, had a special encounter with “Sky,” the Blue Tongue Skink! Curiosity soared, and their affection for reptiles bloomed....

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Feathered Joy at The Boynes

Our residents had a fantastic bird-watching experience at The Boynes Care Centre! They crafted their own binoculars, coloured their favourite birds, and enjoyed observing the feathered...

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St Andrew’s Day

Glimpses from our recent Scottish Flag Crafting Extravaganza at The Boynes Care Centre! In celebration of St. Andrew’s Day, our residents embarked on a creative journey,...

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Witch Hat Extravaganza

Our residents at The Boynes Care Centre had an enchanting time embracing their creative spirits, as they came together to decorate witches’ hats. Armed with googly...

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Halloween Joy at The Boynes

This Halloween, The Boynes Care Centre added a twist to the celebrations, making it an extra special day for our cherished residents. Our dedicated Lifestyles Team...

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